Wacom Intuos Pro Review

The Wacom Intuos Pro is said to be particularly suitable for professionals in the field of design and digital image processing. Some features suggest this, but must also prove themselves in practice. We took a closer look at the Wacom Intuos Pro and examined the individual settings. We can say in advance that we were positively surprised, yes, downright enthusiastic.

Wacom Intuos Pro

We not only tested the Wacom Intuos Pro with graphics programs, but also used it for office tasks. The freely assignable keys and the touch functions of the tablet helped us in both areas of application. So if you want to improve your workflow and quit work sooner, you should think about this investment.

Packaging and scope of delivery

As usual from Wacom, the packaging of the Intuos Pro is very elegant and protects the contents first-class. Nothing can happen to the device or accessories when shopping in specialist shops or by post. From the outside to the inside we find a slipcase, inside the box and inside well packed or padded the devices, components and instructions.

In addition to the Wacom Intuos Pro itself, we find the corresponding pen , a pen holder with spare refills inside, a USB cable , the wireless kit (transmitter and battery) as well as instructions and the driver CD . We see the pen holder and the integrated wireless kit as a big plus for this product range.

Processing & design

The workmanship of the Wacom Intuos Pro is flawless. We decided to use the medium variant for our test . The Intuos Pro is also available in a large and a small edition . The Medium Special Edition is characterized above all by the exterior of the tablet, which is why we did without it.

The design is elegant and the device is completely black. Noticeable – at least for those who are used to smooth drawing surfaces – is the rough surface. At first glance, however, we think that this will turn out to be an advantage. The pen and the pen holder are also kept in black and so fit into the design.


Let’s start with the hardware: Here you have to decide between cable and wireless operation. If you choose the latter, you insert the battery and the transmitter on the back of the tablet and plug the receiver into a USB drive on the computer. We tested the cable version for the time being. But the device also impressed in wireless mode. We were able to determine a significantly longer battery life than with the Fun series.

The installation of the drivers was very easy thanks to the supplied CD. You can also use them to refine the settings for the tablet. The Wacom Intuos Pro product range also offers free software so that beginners can start right away .

Features and functions

With the Wacom Intuos Pro, you can clearly see that the names of the Wacom product lines always say it all. The Fun series had four assignable buttons, 1024 pressure levels and a few nice features for beginners and hobbyists. With the Pro series , however, the heart of every professional graphic designer and other digital artist beats faster.

The eight buttons on the tablet are freely programmable; when you put your finger on (without pressing the button), the corresponding function is displayed on the monitor. The touch ring is also adjustable, for example for the zoom , the brush sizes , etc. Zooming, rotating and much more is also possible with the touch function of the drawing area.

Ergonomics & ease of use

Under this point we once again use the name of the Pro product range as a suitable description. Regardless of whether it is set up for right or left-handers – the Wacom Intuos Pro is wonderful to use. The pen has a rubber coating that guarantees a firm grip . Its buttons, which can also be assigned, are easily accessible and do not hinder the workflow.

After assigning the individual keys, the buttons on the pen and the touch ring, we briefly familiarized ourselves with it. The display of the key function was very helpful at the beginning and we didn’t have to look whether we had our finger on the first or second key. In addition, the supporting surfaces for hand and arm proved themselves during the test.


The precision of the device benefits from two of the above-mentioned properties: the tablet’s rough surface and the 2048 pressure levels . Because the surface is not smooth, slipping is impossible. Even if we held the pen at an angle, we always had to push it where we wanted it.

The touch function of the Wacom Intuos Pro is more professional than that of the beginner product series. The touch ring can be used wonderfully to zoom or adjust the brush thickness or opacity. Rotating the image and the other features of manual operation via the pad run smoothly and without practice as they should.

Little tips

With this device, we cannot give any tips on how to eliminate disadvantages. Rather, they are pointers to better take advantage of the Wacom Intuos Pro. And since a master has never fallen from the sky, the first tip is: practice. Not necessarily the drawing, if it works out well, but the assignment and use of the keys – we were able to save a lot of time with them.

The implementation of the pressure and the pen angle can also be adjusted. That should be used! This, too, and with a little practice, can improve the workflow. Frequently used commands can also be used in Office programs, browsers and folders using the keys.


+ Pen with rubber coating and easily accessible keys
+ Pen holder containing the refills
+ Wireless kit is included
+ Eight freely assignable keys – also suitable for office applications
+ Touch ring with also very useful options
+ Rough surface on which the pen does not slip Can
+ 2048 pressure levels for exact drawing results
+ Long battery life (multiple times the Fun product range)


– Possibly faster wear of the leads due to the rough surface of the tablet
– The pen has no clip or other protection against rolling away


The Wacom Intuos Pro is actually something for use in the offices and studios of professionals. Compared to the cheaper products with fewer features – also from Wacom – this product convinced us. And that can be seen not least in the form of our comparison of the advantages and disadvantages.

From the packaging to the product and the accessories to the final application and the test of the individual functions: The Wacom Intuos Pro has earned the top rating of 5/5 in every respect . Beginners will be overwhelmed, pros will love it.

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