Wacom Intuos CTH 680 Review

The Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch is said to be the perfect symbiosis of the Bamboo models and the Pro models from Wacom. From this it can be concluded that the target group of this tablet are semi-professional users who do not get enough features with the Bamboo or Fun series and get too many features with the Pro series. That sounds very interesting.

Wacom Intuos CTH 680


We looked at the Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch in the medium version , and of course we chose the version with multi-touch . So we could really test all functions of the device. Already noted in advance: professionals and everyone who would rather spend a little more money on more features should perhaps opt for a Pro model from Wacom. We test with the view of a not-so-professional user, i.e. the target group of the Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch.

Packaging and scope of delivery

As we are used to from Wacom, we also got the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch in a noble and promising packaging. The outer box showed the device on the front again and on the back it praised the different usage methods and features .

In this beautifully laid-out shell then was the slightly firmer box with the device , the stylus , a USB cable , three refills , a replacement strap for the pin, a different color indicator for the pin, the driver software and various manuals and other documents.

Processing & design

As not otherwise known and expected from the manufacturer, the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch also has an elegant style. The workmanship is first class, easy to grip and firm. That means nothing wobbles and everything is as it should be. Safe and trouble-free work is therefore already given by the hardware.

The design was surprisingly new to us and not comparable to the Pro range. Rather, the focus here was on a bright surface. The otherwise dominant black is only used here on the contours. The pen is also designed with silver and black. The pen tab on the tablet and the indicator – both in blue – set accents.


Under this point we would like to point out that the Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch does not include a wireless kit. In order to set up the tablet for wireless use, the corresponding accessories must be purchased separately.

Installation in terms of software is very easy. First we connected the device to the computer with a USB cable and then installed the drivers. In addition to the enclosed CD, the Wacom website can also be used as a source for the drivers. If you are already a little familiar with Wacom tablets and the driver software, you can make the first adjustments to the features immediately after installation.

Features and functions

Let’s start with the pen: This is quite easy to hold and – like the product range itself – at least when looking at the weight, it is a hybrid of the Bamboo / Fun and the Pro range. It is easy to grip and the two buttons are also accessible during the drawing process. At the end of the pen, as always: the eraser function.

In addition, the tablet itself has four buttons that can be freely assigned. That leads to a better workflow. In addition to executing commands, it can also be worthwhile to assign menus to these keys.

Ergonomics & ease of use

Thanks to the easy-to-grip pen that is neither too light nor too heavy, the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch is very pleasant to use. If you switch from a rough surface to the smooth surface of this device, you may have to keep a bit of control in terms of speed and pressure. But we found getting used to it quite easy.

The tablet itself doesn’t slide back and forth. It is also slightly inclined towards the user, which makes the hand and possibly the forearm very comfortable and ergonomic. You only have to set priorities when it comes to the assignment of the buttons – regardless of whether they are left or right-handed, as two are on the left and two on the right.


As I said: For those who are used to rough drawing surfaces, it takes a little getting used to. But then using the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch shouldn’t be a problem. The precise handling can be adjusted thanks to the drivers and the settings that are possible in the individual programs.

The 1024 pressure levels are definitely a good start for simplifying the workflow, at least in terms of brush thicknesses , coverage intensities and other related settings. Otherwise, the device is very precise in its basic functions and also with the multi-touch commands . Zooming, rotating and other gimmicks with your fingers were no problem.

Little tips

As with every new tablet, the same applies here that the settings must be used individually and based on personal requirements. Whether keys, pen buttons, pressure intensity or other features – everyone has to set the tablet in a way that suits them. Only then can work be made faster, smoother and more successful.

Another tip, especially related to the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch: The keys on the tablet should contain frequently used commands on the free hand side and those commands on the drawing hand that are seldom needed, but perhaps difficult due to menus or can only be reached with many clicks.


+ Noble design, which reflects the semi-professionalism
+ Interchangeable indicators for the use of several pens
+ 1024 pressure levels for individual brush
use + Wireless use is possible
+ Freely assignable keys on the tablet
+ Multi-touch for use as a pad


– The buttons are not on one side of the tablet
– No pen holder, just the tab on the tablet


Each device has its advantages and disadvantages, including the Intuos Pen and Touch from Wacom. Only once again outweigh the advantages. Because even if there is no pen holder, you can either use the tab, which, by the way, is very good on the upper edge instead of on the side, or simply put the pen down so that it does not roll away.

We have already shown the solution for the keys: assign according to priority and otherwise fully utilize the possibilities of the pen. Of course, this doesn’t come close to the Pro range with eight buttons and 2048 pressure levels, but we tested the Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch under the criticism of semi-professional use. And that’s why we give this device the top rating of 5/5.

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