These Are the Best Tablets for 3D Sculpting & Animation

If you love 3D sculpting or modeling, you need a drawing tablet. Working with tablets makes your work easier and allow you to create perfect models through various tools.

Illustrators, 3D animation artists, engineers, and architects use tablets every day. If you want a tablet for sculpting or 3D animation, you need to know the features to look for. In particular, you want a tablet that is durable, has the features you’ll need and does not drag.

What to Consider When Buying 3D Modeling Tablets

There are a number of things you should keep in mind if you want to find the best tablet for 3D sculpting. These include:


The latest tablets have high resolutions, which make them excellent for 3D sculping. The resolution is measured in Lines per Inch (LPI). Generally, the higher the LPI, the more the resolution.

Tablets with a high resolution typically cost more than those with smaller resolution. Therefore, I’d recommend you go for the highest resolution tablet that can fit in your budget.

For 3D sculpting, you want a tablet with at least 2540 LPI.

Tilt Support

When making 3D models, you will have more control over your hand movements when using a tablet than you would on a PC. For this reason, you want to check whether the tablet has tilt support.

You want tilt support so that you can get the right angles to mimic natural brush strokes.

Quality of the Tablet

Go for a heavy-duty drawing tablet that will last long. The tablet should also come with accessories like surface sheets, optional pens, nibs, and others that will make your work easier.

Screen Size

The screen size will determine the amount of space you have for hand movements. If you will be making intricate 3D models, you need a tablet with a large screen so that your arms can move freely.

As an illustrator, you will also want to draw long tines from time to time. Therefore, you will also need a tablet with a bigger screen.


The stylus is the accessory that you use to draw on a tablet. The accessory should be easy to work with.

Tablets can have either wired or wireless stylus.

With a wired stylus, the extent of movement you will have will depend on the length of the wire. With a wireless stylus, you will have more versatile movements.

If you can find a tablet that can with extra stylus nibs, this will even be better. Remember, over time, the stylus nibs will stary wearing down. When this happens, you can change them with the replacement nibs.

Here is a list of the best tablet for 3d sculpting or modeling.

3D Modeling Tablets Comparison

Image Tablet Display Size Pressure Sensitivity Pen Technology Price
XP-Pen Star06 Wireless XP-Pen Star06
10×6.25 Inch 8192 Levels Battery-free
Huion Inspiroy H640P Huion Inspiroy
6.3 x 3.9 Inch 8192 Levels Battery-Free
Wacom DTHW1320H Wacom
13-inch N/A Battery-Free
Wacom Pro
Pen 2
Huion KAMVAS Huion KAMVAS 19.5 inch 8192 Levels Battery-Free
Wacom Intuos Pro Wacom Intuos
8.7 x 5.8 inch 8192 Levels Battery-Free
Wacom Pro Pen 2

Best Tablets for 3D Sculpting & Modeling

1.      XP Pen Star06 Wireless

The XP Pen Star06 is one of the best tablets for 3D sculpting. This tablet comes with a bunch of features that make it excellent for professional 3D modeling work. Best of all, it is quite affordable.

The XP Pen Star06 can be used wirelessly or when wired. For wired use, you simply need to connect the USB t a PC. For wireless use, the tablet has an ISM 2.4G USB receiver.

The battery of the XP Pen Star06 charges quite fast. With 2 hours of charging, the tablet will be good for use for up to 16 hours.

The tablet features 6 shortcut keys. This will make your sculpting work easier. As you start using the tablet, it will not ethe frequent strokes you make and save them for easier access.

This stylus does not need to be charged since it is battery-free.

XP Pen Star06 Wireless



  • Can be used with both wire or in wireless mode
  • Its built-in battery lasts up to 16 hours when fully charged
  • Shortcut keys allow you to work faster
  • The stylus includes a built-in tool for quick nib changes
  • Automatic line correction creates natural and smooth lines

2. Huion Inspiroy H640P

With the Huion Inspiroy H640P, you can do a lot more than just 3D modeling. This sculpting tablet is easy to use and comes with a lightweight, battery-free stylus. The stylus is easy to use and maneuver.

The Inspiroy H640P has a high-pressure sensitivity. Therefore, your strokes will feel natural and the drawings or 3D models come out life-like.

The drawing tablet has 6 customizable keys. You can create shortcuts of the strokes or techniques that you usually repeat when working and the tablet will store them in its memory. When you need to apply a stroke, you’ll simply have to use the shortcut.

Apart from animation, the tablet can be used for regular tasks e.g., for online meetings.

Huion Inspiroy H640P



  • Comes with a lightweight stylus that is easy to use and battery-free
  • Its customizable Express Keys make it easy to create shortcuts
  • ±0.3mm accuracy gives precise details on screen
  • Its high-speed trajectory sensing technology allows for quick responses
  • Can be used for multiple purposes, e.g., online conferences

3. Wacom DTHW1320H

The Wacom DTHW1320H is also one of the best tablets for 3D animation or modeling. Drawing on the tablet feels natural and smooth thanks to the pen accuracy, which is 4x what you will get with most cheap drawing tablets.

The DTHW1320H tablet has high pressure sensitivity and lag-free tracking, which ensure precision and efficiency. You will love 3D sculpting with this tablet.

The Wacom DTHW1320H also has graphics options and computer power that allows it to run the most demanding 2D and 3D programs. You can also capture 3D scans with the tablet, thanks to the built-in Intel Real Sense Camera.

The tablet’s screen resolution is 2560 x 1440. This high resolution allows you to create models with superior color quality. Your modes will be both vibrant and detailed.

Wacom DTHW1320H



  • The etched glass surface creates a pen on paper feel
  • Its multi-touch surface allows you to work fast and efficiently
  • You can use the tablet to scan thanks to the built-in Intel Real Sense camera
  • The improved software allows for lag-free tracking
  • Has a pen accuracy that is 4X higher than that of most cheap tablets.

4. Huion KAMVAS

If you are looking for a large tablet for drawing, get the Huion KAMVAS. This tablet has a 19-inch screen where you can get your creative juices flowing. With this large work areas, you will have more control over the final outcome of your creation.

For more stability and control over your work, you may want to get a battery-free stylus with tilt function. The stylus is easy to manoeuvre and you can change the angle at which you work. This gives it a real pen on paper feel, which helps to bring out natural finishes. The stylus is also battery-free.

The tablet’s color gamut is incredibly high with 120% sRGB. The screen shows 16.7 million colors. Therefore, you can be as creative as you want when it comes to coloring your models.

One thing I love about the Huion KAMVAS tablet is that it has an anti-glare glass. I do not feel my eyes getting strained even when working for hours in front of the tablet.




  • Has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use
  • You’ll have a more interactive drawing experience thanks to the ±60 level of tilt recognition
  • The battery-free stylus gives natural finish on screen
  • Feature anti-glare technology that ensures your eyes do not get strained
    Can show7 million colors on screen

5. Wacom Intuos Pro

Also making it on our list of the best tablet for 3D modeling is the Wacom Intuos Pro. This tablet features the Pro Pen 2 technology that is professional illustrators love. The tablet has high-pressure sensitivity and tilt response that make it easy to create precise models.

It is not easy to make 3D models. However, with the right tools, such as the Wacom Intuos Pro, your work will be made significantly easier. The tablet has negligible lag while working, which means your work will be more efficient.

Other features that I love in this tablet include Bluetooth, Express Keys and the multi-touch function that makes work smoother.

I also love the premium finish of the Wacom Intuos Pro. The tablet is made of fiberglass composite resin and black anodized aluminum. The unique finish makes it stand out from the crowd.

Wacom Intuos Pro



  • Features spare nibs and an in-built replacement tool
  • Has Bluetooth for wireless working
  • Express keys and touch ring are included for shortcuts
  • Has lag-free tracking for optimum performance
  • The multi-touch screen provided a great user experience

Which is the Best Tablet for 3D Sculpting?

There are many tablets on the market. To find the best one for 3D modeling, you need to consider your budget, tilt options, resolution and quality.

The above are the best tablets for 3D sculpting and animation.

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