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Graphics tablets with displays have long been used exclusively by professional graphic designers and draftsmen. But the state-of-the-art devices are increasingly appealing to people who want to digitize their work for private purposes. Our guide below presents you with the best devices and clarifies which graphics tablets perform best.

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How do I choose the right graphics tablet with display?

It is not at all easy to find your way around the product jungle, because the price range for graphics tablets is immensely large . Does a cheap model for less than 100.00 euros fulfill its purpose or should it be professional equipment for 1000.00 euros? We provide answers to important questions about the purchase decision.

How do the numerous models actually differ?

A very important key differentiator is size. The general rule of thumb here is: the larger the area that can be used, the higher the price. A very pleasant work surface for hobby graphic artists and professionals is the DIN A4 size: It offers enough space to be creative, but is still compact enough to be used at any time on the go.

The input method: There are particularly big differences here.
Basically, all graphics tablets have a pen as an input device . However, it can work in different ways because there are active and passive pens. A battery is required for the active pen, whereas the passive version works with induction. In addition, some tablets also have other input devices. These can be, for example, airbrush guns or Phucks, which work like a computer mouse and have to be moved over the tablet. Tablets with an integrated computer can also be used anywhere on the move.

For what purpose do you need a graphics tablet with a display?

This question plays a very important role in the purchase decision. The best thing to do before making your selection is to create a small list that includes all the tasks that your graphics tablet with display should perform. If you only want to use the tablet for drawing, you should make sure that it is suitable for your personal drawing style . We found out that a tray on which mainly realistic pencil drawings are to be made has to meet completely different requirements than a model that is used, for example, for playful manga drawings.

Pay attention to the pressure levels and the accessories Take a close look at
the pressure levels of the desired device and also consider whether the accessories (tools or input devices) supplied by the manufacturer are sufficient. It is not always possible to purchase various additions or extensions … and can cost you dearly!

What are the advantages of a graphics tablet with a display?

Modern trays convey a real feeling of drawing, so even as a layperson you will quickly get used to this new type of design. Paper is no longer required; instead, your works can be digitized quickly, easily and securely . Any corrections can be made without any problems, and coloring with the current models is also a real pleasure. In other words: Working with a graphics tablet is a lot of fun!

How much money should I invest in my new graphics tablet?

It always depends on what demands you place on the device. If you have no professional ambitions and you just want to prove your creativity as a hobby artist, a device in the middle price range is absolutely sufficient. A tablet that costs around 300.00 euros would certainly be appropriate in this case, especially since the devices in this price range were able to convince us throughout our comparison.

The entry-level devices for bargain hunters
Of course, it can also be cheaper, because there are now trays on the market for significantly less than 100.00 euros. However, such a model is expressly only suitable for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with the subject in order to later switch to a more sophisticated device. Attention: The manufacturer does not have a display on many very affordable models!

Professional tablets for the discerning draftsman
If drawing is a real passion for you, or if you are doing this professionally, you should definitely use one of the more powerful graphics tablets . In this case, the purchase is worthwhile, because in terms of functionality and possible uses, there is certainly nothing left to be desired. Such a high-performance graphics tablet with a display costs at least 1000 euros, and there are almost no upper price limits.

How easy is it to use a graphics tablet with a display?

Anyone who has never worked with a graphics tablet needs some time to get used to, but in principle the devices are very user-friendly and uncomplicated . Relatively sensitive handling is very important for a good drawing result, as too much pressure usually has a negative effect.

Conclusion: the right graphics tablet with display for every requirement

Whether you are a beginner, a hobby artist or a professional: it should not be difficult for any interested consumer to find the optimal graphics tablet. Our comparison revealed a very good price-performance ratio for almost all models, the technology is mature, and the operation is simple. So it’s best to take your time to decide on the device that suits your individual requirements particularly well.

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