These Are the Best Graphic Tablets for Artists

Which is the best graphic tablet for artists and what features define the device? Read on to find out.

If you like to draw and would like to benefit from all the advantages that digital painting offers, you are dependent on a high-quality graphics tablet, which is also known as a so-called drawing tablet.

In the field of graphics tablets, there are many different manufacturers who have brought different models on the market with a good price-performance ratio. However, you should always check various features before committing to a specific graphics tablet.

You can find out exactly what these are in my buying guide. I’ve also put together an overview of the 9 best graphics tablets with all their advantages and disadvantages. So you can make your purchase decision quite easily and ensure that you will get along really well with your graphics tablet and a suitable graphics program.

Best Graphic Tablets Comparison

Image Tablet Size Drawing Area Pressure Level Pen Bluetooth Features Price
Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Pen Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition pen tablet 430 x 287 x 8 mm 311 x 216 mm 8192 pieces Wacom Pro Pen 2 Yes intuitive writing experience thanks to drawing paper technology
Wacom Intuos Art Small Black Graphic Tablet Wacom Intuos Art Small Black Graphics Tablet 210 x 169 x 11 mm 152 x 95 mm 1024 pieces Intuos Art creative pen Yes Incl. Software and training, multi-touch and ExpressKeys
GAOMON PD1560 Interactive Graphics Tablet GAOMON PD1560 interactive graphics tablet 452 x 252 x 20 mm 344 × 193 mm 8192 pieces Graphics pen with holder No Full HD display, configurable express keys
HUION KAMVAS 20 HD HUION KAMVAS GT-191 HD 475 x 298 x 35 mm 19.5 inch 8192 pieces Huion PE330 No IPS HD display, anti-glare, 233 PPS reporting rate

1. Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Pen Tablet


The manufacturer Wacom is one of the top addresses in the field of graphics tablets, whereby the Intuos Pro Paper Edition model is particularly recommended for you. This is a fairly large graphics tablet with a paper clip. Thanks to the Finetip Gel Pen, very natural drawing is made possible, whereby you can always make a digital copy.

It is also worth mentioning the total of 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is really impressive. Paired with extreme accuracy and a very well implemented inclination detection, the always natural handling with this graphics tablet is ensured.

Wacom also integrates a total of eight individually programmable buttons and the easy-to-use touch ring. With the help of the multi-touch surface, you are also able to work particularly intuitively with the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition pen tablet and benefit from all the functions of your choice.

With this model, the manufacturer is completely redefining the graphics tablet and creating a completely new way of working digitally in the classic way. The accessories supplied are also really impressive. In addition to the pen, you get a matching bag delivered to your home, in which you can store all the accessories from the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition pen tablet safely and securely.


This pen tablet is very suitable for you if you want to make the balancing act between classic drawing on paper and digital painting as comfortable as possible. Wacom has further improved this model and brought it onto the market in a new generation, whereby numerous optimizations have been ensured for the user, especially in terms of operation and processing. So if you are looking for an easy-to-use graphics tablet that is compatible with both Windows and Apple’s Mac OS, you are making no mistake.

2. Wacom Intuos Art Small Black Graphic Tablet

Wacom Intuos Art Small Black Graphic Tablet


This graphics tablet is a wonderful alternative for beginners who want to spend less than € 100. Especially in combination with the Art Edition, Wacom has put together a great package that also consists of the right software so that you can start drawing on the computer straight away.

If you have limited space on your desk, the Wacom Intuos Art Small Black graphics tablet is also ideal for you. Especially in the compact size S, the high-quality graphics tablet is easy to transport from A to B. Thanks to the wireless connection via Bluetooth, operation is made even easier.

Regardless of whether you want to sketch, paint or just edit or digitize existing drawings – with this graphics tablet you can ensure all of this and, thanks to the ExpressKeys, call up your preferred functions with just a single click. Edit countless drawing effects on request and benefit from the selection of digital paint and pastel colors, ink and charcoal.


This entry-level device is easy to use and can be set up within a few seconds. The manufacturer includes all the drivers that can also be downloaded from the official Wacom website. Thanks to the plug-and-play operation, you are also assured that you can use the supplied software optimally. Wacom also includes interactive training software with the scope of delivery so that you can make your entry into the world of digital drawing easier.

3. GAOMON PD1560 Interactive Graphics Tablet

GAOMON PD1560 Interactive Graphics Tablet


If, on the other hand, you are looking for a graphics tablet that is equipped with a display and is available at a very low price, the GAOMON PD1560 model might well be for you. For less than 400 € you can get a 7.6-inch graphics tablet , which is ideal for all kinds of illustrations as well as for sketches and classic painting.

The display on which the manufacturer relies on this graphics tablet has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and also scores with crystal-clear color representation and a sufficiently large drawing space so that there are no limits to your creativity. To protect the display from scratches, an additional anti-glare glass is installed. This element also prevents all soiling, also ensuring a paper-like drawing feel.

Just like the Wacom graphics tablet presented in the first position, you can also expect a high level of pressure sensitivity with this model and thus draw particularly smooth and precise lines, which is very important for detailed work.

But the GAOMON brand pen is also really impressive. This is namely equipped with two individually adjustable buttons. The internally built-in battery offers a usage time of a good 350 hours. The pen is fully charged in just 1.5 hours.


For less than € 370 you get a high quality graphics tablet that can be used with all image editing and drawing programs. The color representation has been implemented well so that you can optimally display all lines and colors on the display. The general operation is also well thought out, whereby even left-handers can work optimally with the GAOMON PD1560 graphics tablet.




The HUION KAMVAS 20 HD is a graphics drawing tablet equipped with a particularly large screen . This is a 19.5-inch graphics tablet with an IPS HD widescreen screen. So you can benefit from a paper-like drawing feeling and implement all your ideas in digital form.

The stand was designed to be particularly interesting, and not only can be individually adapted, but also completely dismantled. There are also several interfaces available. Connect this graphics tablet to a display of your choice using DVI, VGA, HDMI or USB, for example.

The HUION KAMVAS 20 delivers particularly good results in terms of color reproduction and contrast values. If you attach great importance to color representations, you can work particularly well with this device and ensure a great viewing angle from all possible positions.


With this graphics tablet you can look forward to a very good price-performance ratio, because for such a low price you usually do not get a model that is equipped with such a large display. The processing quality and the resolution of the screen are also at a surprisingly high level. Even in connection with the usual software of the different brands, there are no problems at all when using the HUION KAMVAS 20 HD 19.5 inch graphic drawing tablet.

5. XP-Pen 6 x 4 inch Graphics Tablet

XP-Pen 6 x 4 inch Graphics Tablet


Another graphics tablet for beginners is recommended for less than 40 €, namely the XP-Pen 6 . This solidly made graphics tablet has an 8192 level pressure sensitivity system. So you can benefit from the wide range of brushes and pens and modify them individually depending on the type of application. Both right-handers and left-handers can work with this device in an intuitive way thanks to the programming adjustment.

The active area in which you work with this graphics tablet is 6 × 4 inches. It’s also worth mentioning that the pen that comes with you doesn’t need a battery . So you never have to recharge it. The scope of delivery also includes 20 replacement tips that match the pen, which can be easily inserted.

The manufacturer also guarantees good compatibility. The XP-Pen 6 x 4 inch graphics tablet is not only compatible with Microsoft Windows, but also with Apple’s Mac OS and all common graphics applications, such as Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator and Clip Studio.


For this low price you get a graphics tablet that is characterized by a solid build quality and is primarily suitable for absolute beginners. However, as an ambitious draftsman, we advise you to use a device from the Wacom brand. The low-cost model series in particular offer the advantage of better processing, especially when it comes to the pen. In addition, you will often also receive high-quality software and tutorials so that you can master the first use of a graphics tablet much easier.

6. HUION WH1409 Graphics Tablet

HUION WH1409 Graphics Tablet


We have already introduced you to a recommendable graphics tablet from the HUION brand . However, if this model is not an option for you, as you do not need an internal display, you should definitely take a closer look at the HUION WH1409 graphics tablet. You will benefit from a number of advantages and a better price.

Given over an area of ​​35 x 22 centimeters for them, so that there is enough space for creative work . In addition, this model can also be used completely wirelessly, as appropriate radio technologies have been installed. The same applies to a 2,000 mAh battery that is charged within seven hours and ensures a usage time of up to 40 hours.

For flexible users and creative people who want to work particularly efficiently, freely assignable keys are particularly important on a good graphics tablet. The manufacturer HUION also attached great importance to this and integrated a total of twelve of these completely freely configurable buttons. So benefit from your individual workflow if you commit to this model.


With this device you are optimally served if you are looking for a well-equipped graphics tablet without tablets, which is wireless and well suited for professional users. Above all, the individual setting options are very interesting, which applies above all to the print intensity.

7. GAOMON M106K Graphics Tablet with ONE-finger Glove

GAOMON M106K Graphics Tablet with ONE-finger Glove


We would also like to recommend a graphics tablet from the GAOMON brand from the entry- level segment , which is available for around € 70 and is a direct alternative to the corresponding models from Wacom.

This drawing tablet has a drawing area of ​​10 “by 6”. In addition to twelve express keys, a total of 16 softkeys are available to you, which of course can be individually assigned different functions. The manufacturer relies on a faster processor that ensures timely transmission of all data. This also applies to the common drawing programs that are common today.

For the pen, the GAOMON brand relies on the ArtPaint AP20, which can also be found in the scope of delivery of other graphics tablets from the same manufacturer. This offers 2048 pressure levels, so you will benefit from a top implementation of your inputs.


This model scores with the availability of numerous function keys so that you can make individual adjustments to make working better with the graphics program of your choice. Otherwise you benefit from a larger work surface, especially compared to the models from other manufacturers, in terms of the price at which the GAOMON M106K graphics tablet is offered.

8. Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Creative Pen Display

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Creative Pen Display


Of course, you can also secure a graphics tablet with a display from the brand manufacturer Wacom, which is available for purchase for just under 1000 euros. A particularly good model is the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Creative Pen Display in the version with a 13 inch screen. Optionally, you can also get this device with a 16 inch display. However, you have to budget for a higher price for this.

This is a particularly powerful graphics tablet, which thanks to the internally installed display guarantees particularly comfortable work. This device is particularly useful for illustrations or professional applications and scores with good color representation in high-resolution Full HD.

The manufacturer was particularly good at implementing the natural writing experience. You can not only rely on the extreme accuracy of all entries that have to be made with the pen supplied, but also on excellent tilt detection that records up to 64 °.

This model from Wacom is particularly suitable for professional users, such as artists or designers. The intuitive operation paired with the good workmanship and the high pen accuracy as well as pressure sensitivity ensures the best results if you want to realize designs with this graphics tablet.


This graphics tablet is a model from the upper class, which you can also recognize from the technical properties. The main day was implemented optimally, which also applies to the modern design. Unfortunately, the display only has a resolution of 4K. In the future, however, Wacom should introduce a new generation that scores with a higher resolution.

9. Wacom Intuos M Pen Tablet

Wacom Intuos M Pen Tablet


With the Wacom Intuos M you are particularly well equipped if you are looking for a graphics tablet that scores with a flat and compact design. Editing pictures as well as drawing and painting is no problem at all.

You can also benefit from particularly simple operation, because the manufacturer installs individually adjustable control elements that can be assigned independently. The ergonomic design and high pressure sensitivity are further advantages of the Wacom Intuos M.

If desired, you can connect this graphics tablet to a computer in the classic way via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth. After you have registered the Wacom Intuos M Tablet for free, you will be given access to the software from the graphics applications area. So download free programs that you can operate with the Wacom Intuos M graphics tablet.


With this model, Wacom has developed a graphics tablet for the upper entry-level to lower middle class, which is available at a good price and scores with simple operation. The Wacom Intuos M is particularly suitable for creative users with small desks!

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