Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet

Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet

Technology is always expanding and improving. It always wants to make your life easier and enjoyable. The latest Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet is one such device that has been programmed in such a way that you can reap the maximum benefit out it. Embedded with loads of features that are intelligent as well as non-complicated, this is the surely the next generation graphing tablet.

An Intelligent Device

The stylus that is included with the graphing tablet is pressure sensitive up to 512 levels. The device has an approximately 4×5-inches of active surface area. This working surface is also textured to give you a pen-on-paper feel. This device can be attached with your desktop or laptop of either PC or Mac. You can attach the unit to any standard USB port and comfortably set it by your keyboard. You can even customize your own shortcuts to the four ExpressKeys according to your convenience.

Smart Convenience

This device has a Touch Ring which is finger-sensitive Touch Ring and that allows easy scrolling and zooming. You will be requiring only one hand for navigation and for gestures, you can use multiple gestures. With simple gestures you can easily zoom, scroll, rotate and even move forward or backward. The bamboo pen is not only very ergonomic, but also devoid of any batteries. Some other exclusive features of this device are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Nik photographic filters, a free photo album from Shutter fly, Corel Painter Essentials, and an online store at CafePress that comes free.

Top Features:-

  • The Bamboo Pen comes in white color and looks stylish.
  • Access to user-defined shortcuts with the help of the four ExpressKeys is quick.
  • The Bamboo pen is suitably secured with the help of the attached fabric loop.
  • There is an interactive tutorial that will make you learn the gestures so that you can operate the unit most conveniently.
  • Installation is very easy.

Consumer’s Opinion

The Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet is just out in the market. Only 3 consumers have reviewed this product at the Amazon review section at the time of writing. In spite of it, when the product has achieved a high 4.7 star out of 5, then it can be said that the product is already showing potentials to be a future chart topper. To be one of the first consumers to enjoy working on this device, visit for the price and shipping details of it.

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