Best Osu Tablet 2019

Have you played Osu?

Then, you definitely know how fun and addictive the game is.

Osu is all about speed, music and colors. If you have a twitchy nervous system like a war veteran, then this game is for you.

However, after playing Osu for some time, you will quickly realize that the average mouse does not just cut it if you want to reach your full potential.

To improve your skills, you should play Osu on a graphic tablet for its excellent tracking. If you would also want to write or draw with the tablet, then other features such as pressure sensitivity, active area size and RPS will be important.

In this guide, we present our top tablets for Osu based on performance.

Osu Tablet Guide – Introduction

I play Osu but not to a level that I’d considered myself a master. However, I’m confident that I know the features that make a good Osu tablet. I’ve used the tablets below to play Osu and know how they perform.

Before we start off, I usually use a tablet + keyboard or a mouse + keyboard when playing Osu. My choice really depends on how I’m feeling at the particular time. I usually map my active and hover with the pen instead of dragging.

What to Consider When Choosing an Osu Tablet

In my quest to find the best Osu tablet, I tested the various tablets when they had their drivers installed and without the drivers.

When choosing an Osu tablet, consider the following features:

  • Hover distance
  • Active area configurability
  • Cursor delay
  • Accuracy

The type and shape of the pen you use are also somewhat important, depending on your preferences. However, the two won’t really matter if the four aspects mentioned above are poor.

Generally, most recent tablets have a suitable hover distance. However, the ranges vary from tablet to tablet.

When I was researching by reading other Osu tablet reviews, I realized most bloggers do not talk of the inbuilt cursor delay of the tablets. In this guide, I’ve presented what I believe are the best tablets for Osu by covering as much as I can.

Features of the Best Osu Tablets

Below is an overview of the main features you should be looking for in an Osu tablet, and the ‘ideal’ for each.

Hover Distance

Hover distance refers to the distance over which the pen can be held above the tablet and still be sensed. In this guide, the distance is taken to be from the surface of the tablet to the tip of the pen nib.

The ideal hover distance is more than 15 mm above the tablet surface. However, most tablets have a hover distance of between 13 mm to 15 mm.

You can know a tablet’s hover distance by looking at its spec sheet. However, keep in mind that the distance indicated on the sheet may be a rough estimate and that the actual measured distance could be different.

For example, the Wacom Intuos CTL-480 spec sheet indicates that the tablet has a hover distance of 7 mm. However, when using the tablet, I got a distance ranging from 14 mm to 17 mm.

In this guide, I’ve listed the hover distances in ranges because the tablets can sense the pen at the lowest number and start losing track as the distance increases.

For example, the Intuos CTL-480 senses the pen at around 14 mm up to 17 mm. As you go past 17 mm, the sensing becomes weaker. This is why I’ve indicated its hover distance to be 14 mm to 17 mm.

Active Area Configurability

This refers to the extent to which the drawing area can be configured.

Ideally, you want a tablet whose active area can be adjusted to be as comfortable as you wish.

NB: You can’t adjust the active area size when you haven’t installed the tablet drivers.

In this Osu tablets review, all the tablets we tested allow you to change the active area by clicking and dragging a rectangular shape on the tablet monitor. Therefore, the main thing you will want to consider is not whether you can change the active area but how you will change it.

This is just the way I do my setup and it’s not the “official” or “best” method for everyone. Practice and experiment with your tablet to find the best active area for you.

When playing Osu, smaller is better. With less space, you will spend less time moving your arm and this will help you earn more points. However, you still need to find the optimal active area for scoring points, especially on tight corners where a higher resolution and larger active area would be ideal.

Cursor Delay

When you make any motion, the cursor should move. The time it takes for the cursor to move is known as “cursor delay”.

Ideally, your Osu tablet should move the cursor immediately you move the pen.

Cursor delay in an important feature to consider as most tablets for Osu are made for art and not Osu gameplay! Therefore, the cursor delay is set for optimal results when drawing. Most drawing tablets have inbuilt cursor delay that helps to create smoother lines. However, when playing Osu, you do not want this cursor delay as every millisecond counts.

One way around this problem is to use the tablet without installing the drawing drivers. However, this will also mean you won’t be able to adjust the active area size.

If you have no problem playing Osu at the full tablet area, that’s fine. But most Osu players I know prefer adjusting the active area before starting to play.

During my research for the best Osu tablet, I did not find any Osu whose drivers can allow the inbuilt cursor delay to be turned off. For this reason, I suggest you go for a tablet that does not have any inbuilt cursor delay. This way, you won’t have to try to turn off the inbuilt cursor delay through regedit or other complicated methods.

(Note: I’ve not tried the Fix My Pen! tool as I don’t want to mess with my tablets just for Osu. I mostly use my tablets for drawing and would not want their settings changed.)

I came across this Reddit thread by a user that has tested the cursor delay of various tablets. Here is the link:

From the thread, the user tested the actual performance of the tablets using a 3D printer. I concur with the results he got. Generally, the XP-Pen is good, the Huion is bad due to its longer cursor delay, and the Wacom CTL-490 is good when dragging but bad while hovering.

Note: If you have just bought a tablet for the first time, you may not notice cursor delay. Yes, tablets with cursor delay are great for drawing. However, for gaming, you want a tablet with minimum or no cursor delay.


Accuracy refers to how accurate a tablet is. When you label a point on the tablet, the cursor should be in the exact spot on the screen each time the pen goes to that point. This is the “ideal” accuracy of an Osu tablet.

Top 7 Tablets for Osu 2019

1.      Wacom Intuos CTL-480/CTH-480 Series

The Wacom CTL-480/CTH-480 Series has really good accuracy. The thin rubber grip pen has no battery and its hover distance is about 14 mm to 17 mm.

Without the drivers, you cannot configure the active area and the cursor doesn’t react. When you install the tablet drivers, the cursor delay is good (i.e., no delay) and you can configure the active area.

The Intuos CTL-480 series is a great tablet for playing Osu. The tablet is comfortable and its rubber grip pen is durable. I also love the tablet’s hover distance and the pen’s accuracy. So far, this is the best tablet for Osu on the market. However, it comes at a premium price (check price on Amazon).

One thing you should know is that the Intuos CTL-480 is no longer being produced by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is difficult to get it online at a cheap price. Generally, you should expect to pay from USD 80 to USD 120 for the tablet.

2.      Wacom Intuos Draw (CTL-4.90/CTH-4.90 Series)

The Wacom CTL -490 has excellent accuracy, a hover distance of 10 mm to 11 mm and comes with a plastic stick pen that is battery-free.

Without the drivers, you cannot configure the active play area and the cursor does not react. When you install the tablet drivers, the cursor delay is good while dragging but bad while hovering. Moreover, the active area becomes configurable.

In some forums, I’ve come across Osu players that use a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet to play. However, I wouldn’t suggest you use this tablet as you cannot turn off the cursor delay with a simple ON/OFF switch. Moreover, the cursor delay will prevent you from earning more points at higher levels of the game. Finally, the tablet has a rather small hover distance.

One thing I discovered with this Wacom tablet is that the cursor delay only occur when hovering but disappears when you are dragging. From other Osu tablet reviews online, some players say that the cursor does not lag for them when hovering. So, I guess this is a matter of maybe the hovering will or won’t happen for you.

3.      Wacom Intuos 2018 (CTL4100 Series)

The Wacom Intuos CTL4100 has good accuracy and its hover distance averages at around 13 mm to 14 mm. The tablet comes with a battery-free pen that has a thin rubber grip.

When the tablet has no drivers, you cannot configure the active play area and the cursor does not react. When you install the tablet drivers, you can configure the active area and there is no noticeable cursor delay.

The Wacom CTL4100 has no cursor delay and, hence, is great for playing Osu. The pen offers a good grip through its firm rubber grip. The only thing I would have loved to see more from the tablet is a higher hover distance.

Coming to playing, I noticed that the CTL4100’s surface is a little bit rough. Therefore, I would recommend this tablet for artists who drag rather than those who hover.

The CTL4100 is another tablet I recommend for playing Osu if you are fine with the higher price tag. (Check current price). The tablet would also be excellent if you would be buying it for drawing purposes.

4.      Huion Inspiroy H430P

The Huion Inspiroy is accurate, has a hover distance of between 9 mm to 12 mm and comes with a battery-free plastic stick pen.

When used without installing the tablet drives, its cursor delay is really good and there is no delay. However, you cannot configure the active area.

When you install the drivers, the cursor delay becomes really bad, i.e., it is high. The only good thing with installing the drivers is that the active area can then be configured.

The Huion Inspiroy H430 is marketed as an Osu tablet. However, I do not like the inbuilt cursor delay as you cannot turn it off. Moreover, the hover distance is quite small compared to the other Osu tablets I’ve recommended above.

If you want to play Osu with the Huion H430, don’t install the drivers. However, this will also mean you cannot configure the active playing area.

5.      Huion Inspiroy H640

This Osu tablet has excellent accuracy, a hover distance of between 17 mm to 24 mm and comes with a battery-free pen with a rubber grip.

When used without the tablet drivers installed, the H640 does not show any cursor delay. However, you cannot configure the active area.

When used with drivers installed, you can configure the active area but there is a lot of cursor delay.

I love the rubber grip of this tablet’s pen. However, when you install the drivers, you cannot turn off the cursor delay. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this as my best Osu tablet. On the flipside, this is an average drawing tablet.

The Huion H640 stands out for its high hover distance range.

Overall, you can play Osu with the H640 without installing the drivers and not have to worry about cursor delay. However, this will also mean you cannot configure the active area. Apart from this, the pen will not have enough pressure for drawing.

6.      Huion H420 Osu

Now, you may be wondering why Wacom products top this list of the best Osu tablets. The reason is that Huion and XP-Pen, while both are reliable companies, their tablets tend to have some driver problems. With Wacom tablets, it’s mostly plug and play.

While you can use Huion tablets with pen-enabled software, you won’t get the best out of them without their right drivers.

The Huion is another tablet that will work well for Osu with the right drivers. The tablet has no cursor delay if you install the old drivers on them (you can get the drivers here).

However, the tablet uses battery-powered pens. Moreover, from Osu reviews online, most users indicate that the pens are not very durable.

7.      XP-Pen G640 6×4

The XP-Pen G640 has good accuracy and a hover range of 10 mm to 11 mm. The tablet comes with a battery-free plastic stick pen.

When the tablet drivers are not installed, the cursor delay is good i.e. there is almost no delay. However, you cannot configure the play area.

When you install the drivers, the cursor delay is still good and you can now configure the play area.

Among the Osu tablets we have reviewed, the XP-Pen G640 is the only one that does not experience significant cursor delay when you install the drivers. If you want to play Osu as well as draw, this is the best Osu tablet to buy.

The XP-Pen can be used both for drawing and Osu gameplay since it does not have cursor delay.

My only issue with the tablet is that its hover distance is small. Therefore, this may not be the tablet for you if you usually hover over a great distance.

The XP-Pen Star G430 uses the same drivers as the G640 and therefore has no cursor delay. However, I would recommend the G430 only if you will be playing Osu but not drawing as its screen size is slightly small for drawing.

Best Tablets for Osu – My Top 3 Recommendations

From my testing, the following are my top 3 tablets for Osu that I recommend:

XP-Pen Star G640

If you need a tablet for playing Osu as well as drawing, the XP-Pen Star G640 is my top recommendations. Check current price on Amazon.

XP- Pen Star G430

The XP-Pen Star G430 is a great tablet if you will solely be playing Osu. However, I don’t recommend it if you would also want to do some drawing. Check price on Amazon.

Wacom Intuos CTL-480/CTH-480

This tablet has been discontinued but is amazing for playing Osu. I found it from some third party sellers on Amazon (check here) and had a run with it. This tablet is a little pricey compared to others on this review but it’s worth it given that you can also use it for drawing.

Final Words

While I’m just at around 100k, I believe the above are the best Osu tablets on the market. I had the best experience with the XP-Pen and this is evident from the stats. However, the Wacom Intuos CTL 480 also performed well.

Keep in mind that most tablet manufacturers simply make their gadgets for drawing and note-taking but then add the word “Osu’ on them just to sell more units. Therefore, when looking for the best Osu tablet, do not simply choose a particular tablet because it has the word “Osu”. Instead, consider the hover distance, resolution and cursor delay to find the best option.


Best Printers for Art and Artists [2019]

In the past, art was confined to sculptures and paintings. However, this is no longer the case. With the advent of the computer, art has mainly gone digital.

In the past, art was confined to sculptures and paintings. However, this is no longer the case. With the advent of computers, art has mainly gone digital.

Whether you are a digital painter, graphic designer or create your designs by hand before scanning them into a computer, you are likely to use a printer on a regular basis.

Most artists contract third-party companies to print their artwork. However, if you are tired of doing this or the home photo printer you have been using is just not providing the results you need, it would be good to invest in a professional art printer.

There are different types of art printers on the market. The printers come with different specifications, depending on the manufacturer and other factors such as your budget.

Before choosing a printer, it is important to know your requirements. This applies whether you are looking for a 2D or 3D printer.

How to Choose the Best Artwork Printer

When looking for a printer, consider the following:

Media Type

An inkjet printer will allow you to print on various media types. However, not all inkjets can print the same media. Therefore, before buying, confirm that the model you would like can print the material you will want your art on.

For example, if you prefer texture or heavier grade media over standard grade paper, choose a printer that can handle the materials.

Media Size

If most of your projects involve printing on A4 size paper, it would not make sense to buy a large format printer. On the same note, if you usually print large images, choose a printer that is capable for the job.


Most budget printers available on the market offer a minimum resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi). On the other hand, high-end printers offer much higher dpi. Generally, the higher the dpi, the greater the quality of the prints you will get.

LaserJet or Inkjet

If you would mostly be handling high-volume print jobs that generally comprise of text, the best printer to buy would be a laser one. These printers are also cheaper, when considered page by page, for documents with simple graphics.

On the other hand, inkjet printers are excellent for printing complex image-based designed. Moreover, the printers tend to be lighter and smaller, and can print on various media.


Confirm that the printer you would like to buy can support the device that you will be printing from. Will you be printing directly from a memory card, PictBridge camera, Wi-Fi or USB port?


In most cases, specialist printers for art and design are bigger than general printers. Moreover, they may need space behind them such as special media trays. Therefore, consider the space you have at your working studio to know whether the printer you want to buy will fit.


You should have a budget in mind before starting to look for a printer. When thinking of the cost, keep in mind both the purchase price as well as recurring costs of printer inks and any media you will be printing on.

Choose a printer that is affordable and that will also be suitable for the kind of projects you will be working on.

5 Best Printers for Artwork


Adesso 12″ x 7.25” Widescreen Media Graphics CyberTablet- Simply Amazing

If you are planning to buy a cyber tablet that will not burn a hole in your pocket and yet not compromise on the performance factor you can look up the new Adesso 12″ x 7.25 ” Widescreen Media Graphics CyberTablet. It makes virtual art practically easy with its user-friendly features. Don’t mistake it to be a cheap product because it is more affordably priced. In spite of its comparatively reasonable price it matches most other top brand products in performance!

This is worth your money!

This product from Adesso is one of the most convenient to use tablets in its category. With it you can easily search your favorite programs. Just click on your tablet and enjoy! It features 34 keys that cater to the style of work you demand, therefore simplifying the tasks. This product is a perfect business tool because you can easily and instantaneously do inking to your own office documents as well as handwritten letters straightaway to MS Outlook.  You can choose a 12″ x 7.25″ or 9.5″ x 7.25″ selectable writing area according to your preference. This is an amazing gadget for graphic designers, animators, architects, engineers, web artists and for anybody who loves drawing.

Makes your simple and easy!

Have you always wanted to fill the excel sheet with your own handwriting and put your signature on the e-mails? Your wishes get fulfilled with this cyber tablet. This new product is so technologically advanced that it can accurately convert a wide variety of handwriting styles into typed text with its praiseworthy recognition technology. With just your cyber tablet and Microsoft Windows Vista you can reform this conversion through a simple stroke of the pen. You can impress your boss or other co-workers with your presentations because this product can make it easier for you to create, edit and accentuate your presentations along with the images you wish to display.

Top features:-

  • Perfect for students and professionals who are into sketching, animation and editing photos.
  • Comes with a lightweight, accurate, fast moving cordless pen and user friendly software.
  • With 4000 lpi (lines per inch) hardware resolution and 1024 lop (level of pressure) pen sensitivity, it can aid in successful completion of even the most complex of computer-aided designing tasks.
  • It is very helpful during presentations, panel discussions and seminars.
  • Features hot keys like cut, copy, paste shortens certain task.
  • The product dimensions measure 18.8 x 14 x 2.6 inches.
  • One can feel the comfortable with this tablet as of writing on a real paper.
  • It is a fantastic gadget for drawing and writing.
  • Dual mouse buttons on pen for efficiency and high performance at your fingertips.
  • It also comprises two rolling pads for both right and left handed people.
  • Because of the natural digital input solution it prevents you from getting injuries to your wrist.
  • The rolling pads are apt for volume control, scrolling and zooming.
  • The screen is wide with the ratio of 16:9.
  • Also comes with 1.5 meters USB cable.
  • It supports Operation Systems – Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, MAC and OSX.

Customers’ reviews:

With high star reviews at, Adesso 12″ x 7.25 ” Widescreen Media Graphics CyberTablet is steadily becoming a popular choice. According to the customers this extremely user friendly gadget has enabled them to stop using the heavier laptops and carry the tablet anywhere they go. If you feel that the tablet will meet your requirements adequately visit and grab the best offer.


Bamboo Fun (Small) Blue Tablet with Pen

From when he was a kid, the one thing that fascinated my friend Jim the most about the morning newspapers was the little cartoons. It used to kick start his days on a happy note. This love for cartoons compelled him to try his luck at being a cartoon artist. He started working very hard but it was not good enough to make a mark in the competitive environment. By sheer good luck, he came in contact with a veteran cartoonist, who suggested him to purchase the Bamboo Fun (Small) Blue Tablet with Pen, Mouse, and Graphics Software. “Most cartoonists use graphics tablets these days and this one has pretty much become a craze”, the man had said to Jim. He was desperately in need of some hope, so he conformed to his suggestion.

A few months have passed by since Jim has started using the Bamboo Fun Tablet and to his great satisfaction and my great happiness; he has been appointed as the cartoonist at a small local newspaper. The achievement might be small, but it was enough to boost his confidence. The tablet did widen his horizon and he could now do much more than he thought he was capable of. The success of my friend inspired me to write a review on the tablet. I managed time from my daily routine to write a detailed review on the various aspects of this graphics tablet that really changed the life and dreams of an individual in front of my eyes.

My evaluation of this graphics tablet would be under the following heads:

Working Area

This graphics tablet is actually a great and at the same time, easy and fun outlet to all your creativity. The medium sized tablet with 4 x 6” of working area is ideal if you want to draw and paint digitally, touch up photos or write your own personal script. It is also highly suited for the graphic enthusiast who is required to work at the pixel level for large images. The working surface has also been made textured for you to experience a real pen on paper feel.


With the Bamboo Fun Tablet, you can imagine your computer to be your canvas and let your creativity flow. The tablet’s working surface is pressure sensitive up to 512 levels. With this pressure sensitivity and an equally sensitive pen, you can more accurately imitate physical drawing. The tablet also boasts of high resolution and report rate for exceptional accuracy. Moreover, there is a finger-sensitive Touch Ring with which you can perform all the tasks of scrolling and zooming easily. Operation is also made easy with all the artistic tools and painting effects being available right at your finger tips.

Free Pen

If you are working on your photos, the pressure sensitive pen that is provided with this graphics tablet will be of much fun. You can not only edit them, but you can also increase their digital resolution and retouch them. It will also enable you to attribute unique borders to them, write your personal expressions on the photos and that too in your own handwriting and you can even create a collage out of your favorite ones. In cases of drawing or sketching, the pen is very beneficial as it will allow us to create lines of various thicknesses or add shade and color to our sketches. In case you are painting, you can hope to create mess-free and perfect brush strokes. The amount of pressure you will exert on your pen will determine the brush size, paint, texture, and pattern.

Bundled Software

The Bamboo Fun Tablet has been incorporated with valuable software. All these creative software will enhance your creative potential. The Corel Painter Essentials is great for artwork. When it comes to editing photos there can be hardly any match for the Adobe Photoshop Elements and you can render effects to your photos with the Nik Color Efex Pro.

User Friendly

The graphics tablet has an ergonomic design that will make your work more comfortable and supplement the keyboard input. And if you are always on the go, you would definitely want to carry the device. The detachable USB cable makes this possible. Thus you can unplug the tablet from your computer and easily store and carry it with you.

Other Highlights

Apart from the above mentioned features, I have gathered that the Bamboo Fun (Small) Blue Tablet with Pen, Mouse, and Graphics Software is equipped with some other note worthy characteristics. These characteristics are as follows.

  • This graphics tablet measures 8.4 x 7.6 x 0.5 inches.
  • The device weighs 12.3 ounces.
  • The tablet works on both Windows and Mac operating system and if you integrate the tablet with Mac Inkwell or Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007, then you can experience more personal and interactive communication and the uninhibited flow of the pen-specific features.
  • The four Express keys offer quick access to user defined shortcuts.
  • You can access the technical support which is free and US-based.
  • The tablet comes in black, silver, white colors apart from and blue.
  • The pen comes with 3 replacement nibs.

What Comes In the Package?

The Bamboo Fun (Small) Blue Tablet with Pen, Mouse, and Graphics Software comes with the tablet, the pen, a pen stand, 3 replacement pen nibs, the mouse, USB cable, Software DVD that includes Corel Painter Essentials 4, Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 Win/4.0 Mac and Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 GE, installation CD with tablet driver and electronic user manual and a Quick Start Guide.


I was happy to see that there were many consumers who were happy with the performance of the Bamboo Fun Tablet. Even those who claimed to be not much tech savvy said that working with this tablet was very much easy. You just need to plug it into your computer or laptop and you are on the roll. Some consumers have even pointed out that they loved the fact that there was no need for any additional power adapter. The software was very useful to the consumers and also the customizable keys. Also the price of this tablet was a winning point for this device. All in all, this was the tablet that could be used by anyone; from teenagers, to office goers and casual users.


Why is it that there will be at least a few drawbacks to even the most ideal things? I could not but feel a little disappointed with the flaws of the Bamboo Fun (Tablet. The mouse of the tablet was a little big for the device .Some said that a “How-to-DVD” would help them feel a little less confused with the use of the tablet initially. But in the end, I know that once you get used to this device then you cannot help yourself from appreciating this product.

Consumer’s Rating

There were full five star reviews and also 3 and 4 star ones on this tablet. But the average consumer rating garnered by the Bamboo Fun Tablet at Amazon was satisfactory. It has achieved a high 4.5 rating out of 5. This means that the positive features of this device have taken an upper hand on its downsides.


By judging the kind of impressive product that this Bamboo Fun Tablet is, it can be said that a price of $ 99 is not expensive. You can visit to learn about the various sellers of this product and choose the best deal from there.

Get the Best Reviews From…

Before purchasing the Bamboo Fun (Small) Blue Tablet with Pen, Mouse, and Graphics Software Jim had visited the Amazon website. There the personal experiences of the various consumers have helped him much in deciding to make the purchase. When he told me this, I knew instantly that if I am allowed to give you any suggestion, then it would be the fact that you should also visit for better purchase guidelines.


Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet

Technology is always expanding and improving. It always wants to make your life easier and enjoyable. The latest Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet is one such device that has been programmed in such a way that you can reap the maximum benefit out it. Embedded with loads of features that are intelligent as well as non-complicated, this is the surely the next generation graphing tablet.

An Intelligent Device

The stylus that is included with the graphing tablet is pressure sensitive up to 512 levels. The device has an approximately 4×5-inches of active surface area. This working surface is also textured to give you a pen-on-paper feel. This device can be attached with your desktop or laptop of either PC or Mac. You can attach the unit to any standard USB port and comfortably set it by your keyboard. You can even customize your own shortcuts to the four ExpressKeys according to your convenience.

Smart Convenience

This device has a Touch Ring which is finger-sensitive Touch Ring and that allows easy scrolling and zooming. You will be requiring only one hand for navigation and for gestures, you can use multiple gestures. With simple gestures you can easily zoom, scroll, rotate and even move forward or backward. The bamboo pen is not only very ergonomic, but also devoid of any batteries. Some other exclusive features of this device are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Nik photographic filters, a free photo album from Shutter fly, Corel Painter Essentials, and an online store at CafePress that comes free.

Top Features:-

  • The Bamboo Pen comes in white color and looks stylish.
  • Access to user-defined shortcuts with the help of the four ExpressKeys is quick.
  • The Bamboo pen is suitably secured with the help of the attached fabric loop.
  • There is an interactive tutorial that will make you learn the gestures so that you can operate the unit most conveniently.
  • Installation is very easy.

Consumer’s Opinion

The Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit & Small White Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet is just out in the market. Only 3 consumers have reviewed this product at the Amazon review section at the time of writing. In spite of it, when the product has achieved a high 4.7 star out of 5, then it can be said that the product is already showing potentials to be a future chart topper. To be one of the first consumers to enjoy working on this device, visit for the price and shipping details of it.


Wacom Intuos4 Extra Large Pen Tablet

I came to know about the Wacom Intuos4 Extra Large Pen Tablet only when my daughter, (who is a perfectionist in whatever she does and aspires to be an artist) asked for it as her birthday gift. However, the product appeared to be impressive to me after a quick research on it, and I decided to order one for my little girl. Just after it was shipped to us, I found the unit to be more than satisfactory in its performance. After all, it’s a Wacom.

What particularly influenced me to buy it are the rave reviews it has gained from all corners. Though the unit seems to have come with everything to suit the needs of its users, it is indeed wise to have a detailed study about every aspects of the product, before you decide to buy it. To make things easier, I have tried to prepare a comprehensive and ABSOLUTELY UNBIASED review on the item. You may find it useful. Just remember that I have covered the technical details only, and the decision of “whether to buy it or not” is up to you only. Never mind, let us start exploring the different features of this “Wonderful Wacom” (my daughter has named it so).

Working Area

Though I have bought the extra large tablet for my daughter, the unit is available in 4 sizes. They are

  • Small: which has an active area of 3.875” x 6.3”
  • Medium: which has an active area of 5.5” x 8.8”
  • Large: which has an active area of 8” x 12.8”
  • Extra large: which has an active area of 12” x 19.2”

Barring the small sized tablet, all of the others have the illuminated display system, which will really come handy if you use it late in the night. Moreover, the extra large tablet, which is the largest tablet that Wacom has ever produced, is perfect for those to require more workspace. However, I feel that a smaller tablet will cause less strain in the hands for repetitive jobs.

 Tilt And Resolution

With a number of customizable ExpressKeys and a finger-sensitive Touch Ring, my daughter enjoys a control over her tasks like never before. In fact, the keys are located on one side of the tablet, in a symmetric design. This helps her to rotate the tablet 180°. I must say that this design really comes handy for my baby, who’s a south paw. Oh by the way, I also heard my daughter saying that the pen can support a tilt angle of up to 60degrees.

I also like the fact that it provides a resolution of 5080 lpi (Lines per Inch), which is sufficient to give my daughter’s creations a very professional touch.


Now this is the topic where I will never be tired of talking about. In fact, its outstanding pressure sensitivity can be a big (in fact, the sole) reason to make you decide on it. Let me make things clearer. Have you ever thought that by simply pushing your pen lighter or harder, you can alter the stroke width and opacity of the pen stroke? Well, you can surely make it with an ordinary drawing pencil and pen, but have you ever imagined that you can make it with the pen of your graphic tablet too? Well, it is actually possible with the pen that this tablet comes with. Ask why? This is because its pressure sensitivity has been enhanced from the standard 1024 levels of pressure to a whooping 2048! This means you can start drawing at only one gram of pressure (just compare this with the other models, which need 10 grams of pressure).It is a pleasure to see my daughter happily adding some very delicate shades in her images, and that too, with a smoother transition.

Now I am going to apprise you of another feature of the unit which I will call, well, REVOLUTIONARY. It is the “Precision Mode” of the unit which makes this unit stand far above than most of the graphic tablets that I have come across till date. Once you activate the mode, the pen gets more sensitive. With this mode, even if you move your hands more on the tablet, it allows a lot less movement on screen. This feature is ideal for my daughter when she does some of the most detailed drawings in the small attic of ours which she calls her “workplace”. Now let me take the opportunity to apprise you of some more impressive features of this tablet in a nutshell.

  • The well illuminated programmable ExpressKeys give you a direct hassle free access to the program functions that you use very often.
  • The touch ring feature can be organized to control up to 4 functions each time you use.
  • The incorporated 5-button mouse uses the tablet surface as a mouse-pad.
  • For optimum performance, it comes with an array of pen nibs including, flex, and hard felt.
  • Instead of the traditional menu, it comes with a more elegant redial menu option. To know more about it, you can log on to Us Talk About The Pen And The Battery

You cannot deny the fact that the pen is the most important part of a graphic tablet, as it is something that you are likely to hold most of the time. Since each of the features of the tablet has been devised with new and more advanced technologies, it’s no wonder that the manufacturers have also taken the trouble to redesign the incorporated pen and make it the most comfortable one. Its barrel has been made somewhat shorter than the pens that Wacom has designed previously, and moreover, it is heavier to touch. This gives the pen a solid, well balanced feel. However, the pen still has a nib on the front and an eraser at the back like its older models, and it is still cordless, and doesn’t need battery to operate. As an incentive, the rubber grip has been made smoother and more integrated into the pen than ever before, and the nibs are just a snap to change.

Let Us Go For The Bundled software

If you are living in U.S.A, then you can buy additional software from the manufacturers. Alternatively, you can also download Wacom Brushes 3.0 and Nik Color Efex Pro WE6. Do keep in mind that both of them call for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to function. In fact, you are also entitled to choose any two from the three options: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac & Windows, Corel Painter Sketch Pad and Autodesk SketchBook Express 2010.This means you can choose the software that optimally matches your requirements.

What Does It Come With?

The unit incorporates accessories like Mouse, Grip Pen, Pen Stand, 5 Standard sized Nibs, Flex Nib, Stroke Nib, 3 hard felt nibs, Nib Extractor, 8.2’ (2.5 m) USB Cable and Quick Start Guide.


The biggest upside that the users feel about the unit is that it yields absolute value for the price you spend on it. The other features that the users love about it are:

  • It’s cool, sleek, black look.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • More Expresskeys than the other models.
  • Advanced Touchring system with 4 presets.
  • 2048 Levels of sensitivity.
  • 16:9 Aspect ratio.
  • Fantastic driver, vista support.
  • Improved customization software.
  • Advanced comfortable grip pen.
  • 10 replacement nibs that assures longer service.
  • The innovative pen holder serves as storage for replacement nibs.
  • Color rings give the grip pen a different feel.
  • It is backed by 2-Year Limited Warranty.


Since nothing in this world is perfect, even this unit comes with very minor glitches. Thankfully, the bugs can be very well taken care of. As for the cons:

  • Since the Expresskeys are symmetrically same, one can easily press the wrong key.
  • It is somewhat expensive (but once again, it’s well worth the price).
  • It is somewhat heavier/ bulkier.
  • High gloss side panel attracts fingerprint.
  • The rubber grip on the pen is a dust and lint magnet.
  • It does not come with a travel sleeve.
  • Bluetooth bugs.
  • Flimsy USB, nibs (in rare cases).

What The Consumers Have To Say About It

As I went through several websites that comes with unbiased reviews, I have seen the unit gains an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The rating is, honestly sufficient to prove the consumers’ satisfaction with its performance.

 How Much Should You Pay?

Priced about $680, the Wacom Intuos4 Extra Large Pen Tablet is definitely not among the cheapest of the kind available. But even then, you can always look for the different deals that the online stores are offering on it. But make sure that you order your unit from a reliable source. As for me, I could save really big by ordering it from They also shipped it to my home for free. So, if this fantastic unit captures your, then why don’t you pay a visit to Amazon to check the current price details?


WACOM CTE450K Black Bamboo Fun Tablet with Pen

Do you want to gift your daughter something unconventional and special on her birthday? What about giving her something which can actually help her to nurture her passion? Say, if she aspires to be an artist someday, then you can gift her something which can make her more creative with her drawings. For anything else, you can think of the WACOM CTE450K Black Bamboo Fun Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software (NEW!) for the purpose, and keep her smiling forever.

Get Familiar With The Exclusive Product

To begin with, this wonderful kit comes with a state of the art graphing pen tablet and pen, mouse and many more things, which makes it the most prized possession of any artist!  The manufacturers perfectly understand that an innovative mind knows no boundaries and thus they have devised the incorporated Bamboo pen tablet in such a way that your child will always be able to draw, write, navigate and edit her creations just the way she wishes to. What is more, she can even share her unit with her teenaged brother who probably has an inclination for photography. This is because, the tablet comes incorporated with full editions of useful software which help to egg on the creativity of its users. The Adobe Photoshop Elements can help your son to edit the snapshots that he has taken with utmost care, while the Corel Painter Essentials can help your daughter to create her art works. Additionally, by means of Nik Color Efex Pro, they can even apply interesting photo effects to their creations. Also, the chic pen with a user friendly design lets your children to experience 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. This helps them to make a variety of pen strokes, from delicate lines to strong brush marks.

More Attractive Features

To furnish its users with utmost convenience, the impressive tablet even comes with four programmable keys, which are collectively called ExpressKeys. They can be well utilized for the traditional mouse clicks and key strokes, and they are also programmed to carry out assignments such as Ctrl/Command, Alt/Option, Shift, and Space. Again, since the keys are ‘chordable,’ one can press more than one key at a time (like Ctrl+Alt). Owing to its finger-sensitive Touch Ring feature, scrolling and zooming of the objects have become easier than ever before. And last but not the least, to excuse themselves from the undesired hazards of repetitive motion, your children can even alternate between the pen and the incorporated mouse.


  • The product comes with pen tablet and battery free pen, mouse, pen stand, a set of 3 replacement pen nibs, software DVD, USB cable and more.
  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Great both for professional and amateur use.
  • Intended for long-term service.
  • The product incorporates an array of valuable software applications such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Nik Color Efex Pro and Corel Painter Essentials that aid the pen and provide more control while creating art work or editing photos.
  • The pen that the set comes with, offers 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to mimic physical drawing more precisely.
  • The unit can work with Windows as well as Mac operating systems.
  • The incorporated tablet measures 8.4 x 7.3 x 0.3 inches (W x D x H) and offers an active area of 5.8 x 3.7 inches (W x D).
  • Its textured work surface allows for a natural pen-on-paper feel.
  • The removable USB cable disconnects from your PC and your tablet and allows for easy storage and portability.
  • Four programmable ExpressKeys; finger sensitive Touch Ring incorporated.

Customers’ Opinion

After being reviewed by 79 customers at, WACOM CTE450K Black Bamboo Fun Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software (NEW!) prides itself with a respectable rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. In rarest of rare cases, it has failed to satisfy its users. Though this model is not the newest of its kind, it continues to earn applauds from its users. For any additional details on the merchandise, you can log on to the Amazon website.


Wacom PTK440 Black Intuos4 Small Tablet with Pen & Mouse (Factory Refurbished)

Standing in the generation of using tablet, why spend money on an expensive new tablet when you can get a refurbished one at a much lesser price? Are you confused regarding whether to choose such a product or not? Then please don’t be because what matters is the performance. To your surprise, Wacom PTK440 Black Intuos4 Small Pen Tablet with Pen & Mouse (Factory Refurbished) – Newest Model looks and works just like a brand new one.

Enhanced Technology and Superb Sensitivity

The gadget has got a new design and incorporated with new features giving professionals a new dimension to the tablet usage. Wacom’s new pen tip sensor technology and 2,048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity enables to sense even the slightest degree of pressure. This allows you to adjust exposure, brush size, opacity and more. The highly sensitive pen helps you to make movements and clicks without much effort. You can also adjust the pen specifically to locate your working zone on the screen. The finger-sensitive Touch Ring enables fast control up to 4 different functions like canvas rotation, zoom, scroll, brush size and more. You will find different modes of operation such as screen optimization, mouse tracking, pen tracking, tracking sensitivity, pen sensitivity etc. You can choose between “pen” mode for working with pen and “mouse” mode for working with mouse accordingly. Thus you can feel that the product is quite versatile!

Customized and Convenient

The 6 Express Keys activate shortcuts and modifiers used frequently. There are 2 USB cords- one right and left cable. With 1 USB connector, you can choose whichever cable will work for your system and this is indeed convenient. It is easy to install on your system and you can customize the functions with the help of software drivers. To help you work on the tablet there is the universal pdf file of 104 pages which you can access from the “Help” menu. The product comes with pen holder, ten replacement nibs for the pen and a wireless 3-button scroll wheel mouse. Pen and mouse do not operate on battery which ensures convenient working. There is third button behind the scroll wheel of the mouse which you need with Autodesk Maya or Mudbox. You can use the scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out without moving leaving the pad. The replacement nibs consist of 5 standard nibs and three different types of nibs- 1 flex nib, 1stroke nib and 3 hard felt nibs. There are 4 small LED lights which confirm which of the modes you are in, 6 programmable buttons with almost 12 functions assigned to each, 4 buttons on the tracking wheel, a “toggle” button in the middle of the scroll wheel providing you with access to up to 4 functions for the scroll wheel. It consists up to 8 keystroke combinations, 1 forward and 1back, so that using the scroll wheel you can access the frequently used key functions for up to 16 key commands. The product also allows you to create personal profiles for your applications. It will not give you the chance to complain.

Exclusive Features

  • New pen tip sensor technology captures every single pressure and thus needs less effort.
  • 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity ensure precision.
  • User-defined ExpressKeys & finger-sensitive multi-functionTouch Ring save shortcuts, modifiers, scrolling, zooming, and fast control.
  • Programmable buttons, eraser for convenience.
  • Tilt sensitive and enables quick editing and thus creative digital artwork naturally.
  • Comes with Intuos4 small pen tablet, Intuos4 Grip Pen, Intuos4 mouse, pen stand, ten replacement nibs, nib extractor, 2.5m USB cable, Quick Start Guide, installation CD which includes tablet driver software and electronic user manual)
  • Measures 8.2 x 12.2 x 0.5 inches and weighs 4 pounds- thus easy to carry and easily fits your desk.

Customers’ Opinion

Wacom PTK440 Black Intuos4 Small Pen Tablet with Pen & Mouse (Factory Refurbished) – Newest Model has been rated with a very high 4.7 stars out of 5 stars in Amazon and has been reviewed by 45 customers. The only complaint is that it does not hide finger prints, but this is not a major problem compared to the features. At first people had issues with refurbished product, but most of the customers are excited with the product for its excellent performance and fast delivery. If you are willing to know more about the product and the shipping offers, please log on to


Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB): A Solution to All Your Queries

The budding graphic artist in you will surely not want to compromise any bit in your purchase of a graphing tablet. This latest gadget is steadily becoming much popular with the advanced illustrators and photographers and the tablet accompanied by its pen is replacing the bulky mouse in cases of creative projects. The Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB) is the unit you would want to invest in. This latest one is absolutely unique and is stuffed with admirable features. Read on to learn about them.

Amazingly Advanced

This graphic tablet is endorsed with unique patented cordless and battery less technology. The Grip Pen is sensitive up to 1,024 levels of pressure. And you can do almost all kinds of graphic applications like Photoshop, paint shop pro, flash, painter, etc. The mouse of the tablet has a resolution of 2540 dpi that makes its performance even more accurate. The menu strip buttons on top of the active area of the tablet makes you easily access your favorite shortcuts. These shortcuts are either present through default or can be customized according to user’s convenience.

The Comfort Question

The size of this graphing tablet ranges among 5 levels from 4″x5″ to 12″x18″ so that it can fit into every work style. With the 8 foot cable you can easily connect the unit to your computer’s USB port. This ensures that you work more comfortably and with the pen you can match every point on the tablet with the points matching on the computer screen. With the movement of the pen, the cursor will also move and click. The cushioned grip of the pen will reduce your effort by almost 40% and your work will become less stressful. It also supports pen tilt and bearing for a control that feels absolutely natural. The Airbrush that comes with it has the same capabilities of an original one when used in alliance with Adobe Photoshop 7 or procreate Painter 7 by Corel.

Top Features:-

  • 13.4 x 10.3 x 0.6 inches is the measurement of this unit.
  • It weighs 3.5 pounds.
  • The cordless mouse has no ball to clean and therefore the tracking is always smooth.
  • The tablets which are of 4×5 and 6×8 size come with the three-button 2D Intuos2 Mouse.
  • The 9×12, 12×12, and 12×18 sized tablets have a five-button 4D Intuos2 Mouse.
  • The tablets have a thick and durable overlay for you to easily trace photos and art.
  • Accessories that come with this surface are an Airbrush and a brushed metal Designer Grip Pen.

Consumer’s Opinion

The Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB) is more or less a new product in the market. And it has gained a whopping 4.6 star out of 5 at Amazon. This proves that the users are really satisfied with the way in which this unit performs. And therefore, do not delay any further searching for the right tablet; when you can simply visit to find out the price and shipping details of this one.


Wacom Intuos3 9 x 12-Inch USB Tablet–Metallic Gray

Do you want to revive the long hidden artist in you by giving life to the creative ideas that strike you every now and then? What stops you from following your passion? Well, perhaps the mad rush of your everyday life does. With your life getting busier everyday, you may find it hard to save some leisure time, and that hinders you from nurturing your artistic skills. With the Wacom Intuos3 nine x 12-Inch USB Tablet–Metallic Gray, you can shorten the design time. You can do away with the undesired basic steps that you otherwise need to follow to add life to your creative depictions. If this sounds interesting, then why not have a look at its useful attributes.

Very Easy-to-use

The tablet itself has an ergonomic design with slanting, contoured palm rest that allows for additional comfort even if you use it for long hours. Even if you have never used a graphic tablet before, the operation of the product will appear to be a snap to you. Every point on the tablet has a coordinated point on the screen.  Whenever you move the incorporated pen over the tablet, the pointer moves exactly in the same way on the screen. To“click”, all you have to do is touch the tablet with the pen tip. Let’s have a look at the pen itself. The grip pen, by means of the Touch Strip system, offers you the power of pressure-sensitive control. With its aid, you can easily control the brush size, opacity and much more. You can scroll, zoom, adjust and what not with this Touch Strip.  You can even alternate between the Grip Pen and the included five-button mouse to reduce the hazards of repetitive motion.

Some More Important Things

To render you with more convenience while you are working, the product comes with ExpressKeys system. The ExpressKeys are actually a set of programmable keys,, which can be utilized for the conventional key strokes and mouse clicks. It is devised to execute assignments such as Ctrl/Command, Alt/Option, Shift and Space. However, they can be reassigned on a per-application basis. Since the keys are ‘chordable’ you can press a combination of keys at a time (like Ctrl+Alt).  In order to provide you with the best service, the product comes with an array of software, whichare indeed essential to make your projects look just the way you had dreamt. For anything else, it comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements to make your digital photo editing and compositing jobs easier.  The Corel Painter Essentialstwois ideal for making natural media art and organic effects. Again, the nik Color Efex Pro two IE from nik multimedia could be just the thing if you wish to apply photographic effects and enhancements to your images. Last but not the least, the Wacom Brushes too offer you with a wide range of brush choices in the latest versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.


  • Measures 13.4 x 17.3 x 0.6 inches and weighs just six pounds.
  • Easy to use.
  • ExpressKeys and Touch Strips make your job easier.
  • The tablet comes with multiple cord positions.
  • It also comes with eight feet cable that allows for USB connectivity.
  • The enhanced electronic allows for a higher resolution of 5,080 lpi.
  • It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The tablet is available in different sizes.
  • The incorporated grip pen has 1,024 levels of tip and it is alsoequipped with eraser pressure sensitivity for better control.
  • Its programmable DuoSwitch allows for more comfort and productivity.
  • Its exclusive, cordless, battery free technology vouches to give you a natural feel and better performance.
  • The three nib styles of the pen allows for a variety of “feels”.
  • Its tilt sensitivity allows for more control on the pen.
  • It also comes with a pen stand.
  • The incorporated ball-free and optics free five-button mouse allows for a smooth and precise tracking.
  • The mouse comes with finger-wheels for easy operation.
  • It can be handled with either hand.
  • Patented cordless, battery-free technology.
  • It comes with an array of useful software.
  • Self-generated interface allows for more control.
  • Pressure curves, which are customizable help to modify the way your pen feels.
  • Pop-up menu allows for effortless approach to your favorite keystroke combinations.
  • Mapping options are flexible and optimize your work environment.

Consumers’ Opinion

With so many outstanding features and after providing great uncompromising performance to its users for years, the  Wacom Intuos3 nine x 12-Inch USB Tablet–Metallic Gray surely deserves the  near perfect rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars  that it has gained at In fact, till date the product has been reviewed by 79 customers. Then rush to visit the Amazon website to know more interesting things about the product, and decide on whether it can be your choice.